A lot of my most technically complex work has been done at various places on my personal home page, Some of the site is very old and may not reflect current standards, but it does show some of SSWD’s capabilities.

Century Industries, Inc. home page

Century Industries wanted a simple site with an industrial look. Their main objective was to make it easy to find their key information and avoid clutter.

CJ the DJ's home page

CJ the DJ’s site is a fully customized site using the latest Responsive Design techniques. home page

Another site that I have been doing for a number of years is, which is an example of a simple business site.

A Senior Moment home page

A Senior Moment was a WordPress based site that was primarily used as a blog.

WineKnot home page

WineKnot has a different style of page for a different type of business.

Dr. Jane Xenos, D.O. home page

Dr. Jane Xenos, D.O. is a great example of the type of business site that fits the Splendid Spider philosophy of keeping it simple.