Q and A

You know you need a site, but what do you do to get one? Here are some basic questions to help you take the first step based on how much you already know.

Where do I start?

If this is what you’re asking yourself, read some of what follows to help you focus your ideas about your website.

What’s a domain name?

If you’re just getting started or if you want a site but don’t want to know anything about it, please start by reading a few short articles. It will help us discuss what SSWD will need to do if you know a couple of terms and concepts. If you don’t know what a domain name is, read articles The three website essentials and The two website types.

What should my site have on it?

The article Your website: where to start? may help you determine more about what you want your site to do.

What’s next?

Determine what you want to do and what you want SSWD to do. This includes setting up hosting, obtaining a domain name, and writing website content.

Graphics can be costly and is often a big surprise expense to many people. It’s easy to ask me to find a picture of a Pepperoni Tree for your site. Because I don’t have one, I’ll need to find a legal one for you; it might take me 45 minutes to find a usable picture. That ends up being a pretty expensive image.

If the site will be a WordPress site, you’ll save money by finding a theme you like. Many of these can be very inexpensive.

And finally…

When you’re finished reading the other articles I mentioned, jot down some notes about what features you want, how the site should look, and any questions that you have. Then contact SSWD and we will create a plan to give you the site you want.