Splendid Spider offers inexpensive, high quality website designs, specializing in small business and personal use.

Splendid Spider Web Design (SSWD) specializes in designing small websites. Some possible site types are simple business descriptions and maps, photo galleries, an online menu for a small restaurant, online catalogs, brochure sites, and personal or creative sites.

Why you need a website

You’re here, so I’m probably preaching to the choir. I’ll say it anyway: If you have a business you want to be found. If you want to be found you need a website.

Most people turn to the internet to start their shopping research. It may be to research a product before buying it or to do some comparison shopping. Or maybe they are just trying to find the phone number or address of a local business that can provide them with the products or services that they are looking for.

As of 2010, over 77% of the U.S. population used the Internet, up from 44% in 2000(1). Smartphone penetration increased 7% in three months to 55% in January, 2013(2); it’s obvious that the 2010 numbers are now very obsolete. Whether it was from their home computer or a mobile device, once they had access, they probably never used a phone book again. With most people now online, if you want to be found you need a website. The phone book is the search engine of last resort, and that’s a resort that no one wants to travel to.

An individual might want a website to make it easier for old friends to contact you; a site will give you a better chance of being found if somebody types your name into Google.

What about Facebook?

Dare I say: what about MySpace? Or, what about Friendster, or an AOL page?

Your business should have a Facebook page, absolutely. But Facebook gets all the link energy and traffic, just like MySpace used to. When MySpace lost its popularity, all the content that was only on MySpace became pretty useless. I guess it’s time to copy it all to Facebook, right?

A better approach is to use Facebook as a way to link back to content on your website. Then, when something comes along to replace Facebook you won’t lose all of your hard work. As Facebook’s advertising escalates and as privacy issues keep emerging, people start looking for the next social site; and it’s already happening.

SSWD’s niche

SSWD is a small company with an extensive technological background that specializes in relatively simple, low cost website designs. It is not the best company to make, as one call I got described it, “just a simple site that’s a clone of Facebook.”

I’m good with “simple site.” Not so much with “clone of Facebook.” And I’m dumbfounded that someone used both phrases in the same sentence without laughing.

SSWD prefers to only work on small websites.

Why small is the focus

It is impossible to keep up on every technology concerning the web, so a focus is necessary.

Small businesses are SSWD‘s target market. As a small business owner, I know that it is critical for them to keeps their costs down. Even a medium sized custom site will run into the thousands of dollars, and most companies don’t need that level of design customization. So small websites need to be the focus.

Large projects may require support levels which would be too time intensive to provide due to SSWD’s size, leaving other customers without support. I’ll be honest about it when we discuss your site, and may be able to help you even if your project is too big by either breaking it into smaller pieces or directing you to another designer.

Please see the Costs page to see how a smaller site will save you money in ways that you may not have considered.

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