Plugin: YFP Google Analytics Basic

YFP Google Analytics Basic is a WordPress plugin that allows you to use Google Analytics tracking on a WordPress site. It add the necessary JavaScript code to every page. The code can be added to either the beginning or end of the page. It is added using either the wp_head or wp_footer hook, depending on the option selected.

The code inserted is for Google’s “Universal Analytics”, which is their current standard.

This is the basic analytics, almost the minimum needed, and does not support the many options that Analytics now offers. There are far more complicated plugins available to support other advanced features. But if you just want to turn tracking on, this is the way to go.

It’s simple to use. It installs like any other plugin: just drop it in the plugins folder,  activate it and add the tracking code supplied by Google.

Get the plugin on GitHub.

Plugin: YFP Comment Spam Protection

YFP Comment Spam Protection is a WordPress plugin used to stop robot-generated comments. All setup is optional because it works great with the default settings.

This is a very simple plugin that stops robot spam from being posted as comments. It is based the concept of a human being able to follow very simple instructions, such as “rate this article 1 out of 5”. Spambots don’t get it, but people do.

When I created this, my comment spam went from 100 per day to zero.

The Settings page was added as an after thought to give future flexibility. Maybe spambots will someday recognize the plugin and this gives a way to change to expected answer.

There are only three options, which match the three fields that the plugin adds to the default comment form. Use it to change the answers to what is required in each field.

Download the plugin from

Plugin: YFP Login Customizer

The YFP Login Form Customizer plugin adds an input box to the WordPress login screen. The value to be entered is shown above the input field. The idea is that a person will easily figure this out, but a robot will not.

The value to be entered can be changed in the Settings section of the Admin panel. The message can also be changed to some extent.

It’s simple to use. Installs like any other plugin: just drop it in the plugins folder and activate it.

Source on github.


WordPress has grown to be a major presence on the web, up to 25% of sites by some counts. Its capabilities have grown, and along with that so has its complexity.

I plan to make WP related posts about solving specific issues in the future. OTOH, I’ve planned to make lots of posts that I haven’t. It does seem that there is always code to write and problems to be solved.

This is a WordPress site, and while there are a lot of things that WP is able to do I seem to always come up with something that it won’t do. Or I want a simple solution to a problem and all I can find is solutions with so many options that the learning curve makes it not worth using.

There is more to follow, but for now here are some pages about plugins that I made.