Site reorganization 2013

There are a few missing pages. I know. Some stuff is gone, but you won’t miss it. If you wan’t to know why, keep reading. Otherwise, try to find something else interesting.

Drupal was good for a while, but its upgrades were a nightmare. I also like to setup my site a particular way, and Drupal 7 couldn’t handle what Drupal 6 could, so all my URLs would have had to change. So it was time to go back to WordPress.

For the types of sites we do, WordPress is a better choice anyway. Drupal is more flexible, but trying to teach a client how to use it requires a long time commitment of a lot of support. And that doesn’t work out well for anyone.

So back to WordPress, which won’t easily support a couple of the things Drupal did from a directory structure standpoint. The best solution was to just remove some of the pages that did nothing other than provide structure to other pages.


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