I am Splendid Spider Web Design.

It may sound like a key line from the movie “Iron Man”, but it’s a good way to explain the size of the company. I have been working with web technology for a long time. When I started making web pages in 1996, Netscape had over three quarters of the browser market and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser was just getting launched. A 300 pixel image took up half the screen, looked too big and took too long to download.


Splendid Spider (SSWD) is located in Newbury Park, California. Some people like to be able to meet in person at times, so location can matter, especially to a small business where every dollar matters. If you’re local, you probably recognize the picture at the top of this page as the Mount Boney peaks.

The picture’s intent both is to show that SSWD is local and not another company based in Illinois or India that is pretending to be local. It’s also there to explain the company’s name: why Spider? I learned that some people never considered the web connection between spiderweb and web design that make up Splendid Spider Web Design.

More information

SSWD specializes in creating a presence on the web for small businesses (and people). That usually means that the site can be either a static website with just a few pages or a small WordPress site. Please see more about these terms, and how to get started, on the Q and A page.

Read more about what SSWD does on the Philosophy page.

Please see this contact page to get started with your site.