Goodbye to Splendid Spider

I realized that it was time to go when I started turning down easy jobs.

That means that the domain "" is for sale. What better web designer is there than a spider? This time I suspect some entomologist may want it.

Pick up the domain at

Do you want someone to do your website?

No, you probably don't. Or rather, you think you do, but you don't need to have someone do it.

Most of the customers that came here had an absurdly small budget with absurdly large expectations. They didn't know how to make a website, but they knew what it should cost and that it was easy to do.

My favorite was the guy with the $100 budget that wanted a simple Facebook clone.

Are you sure?

Okay, maybe you do. But times have changed and most simple sites can be done by people with no technical experience.

Are you looking for a site so people can find your small business? Just a little bit of brand awareness raising? Then you can do it yourself. Go to Wix or one of the other build-your-own sites. It's easy. Drag and drop.

But I have loads of cash and an amazing idea!

Are you a company with a budget of a few thousand dollars that needs ever-changing content? Then, yes hire a company. But listen to them when they try to steer explain where you can save money. Don't insist on having some must-have detail that you dreamed up, because that's how things can get expensive.