Splendid Spider provides inexpensive, high quality website designs for your small business or personal use.

Splendid Spider Web Design (SSWD) is a small company (me) that is located in Newbury Park, CA. I have been creating websites since 1996, when browsers could do little more than show some text and maybe a few pictures. SSWD specializes in relatively simple, low cost website designs using either template-based static pages or WordPress, depending upon what the design needs.

Go to the About page to read more about what SSWD does and why it is making websites.

If you’re not sure if your company needs a website, go to the Philosophy page. There you’ll also find out why SSWD has made some of the design choices it has made and learn how those choices can make your website better.

To some degree the Pricing page provides more about SSWD’s design philosophy. There you’ll learn about ways to save money or possibly make a better informed decision about some things that could be worth more to you.

The Q and A page provides some very basic information about what is involved in having a website. You may be interested in this page if you don’t know what the words ‘host’ and ‘domain’ have to do with websites.

The Articles section contains information that may be a little more technical. It isn’t updated very often because I’m more of a designer and programmer than I am a writer.

There are links to some websites that SSWD has created on the Samples page. Finally, of course, visit the Contact page to get in touch with SSWD.

Splendid Spider will give you an internet presence in a search-friendly way whether it’s a brief one-page information sheet or a full-featured website.